A Trip To Beautivuu

I love a trip to a salon or a spa to treat myself. Recently, I was contacted by the lovely Marta from Beautivuu and she asked if I would like to come in for a gifted treatment. Of course, I said yes. I’m going to share a bit about the lovely Marta, her beauty room & the treatment I had.

So first of all the treatment room is a room in Martha’s family home. Normally I go to an actual salon so this was a new experience for me. The room itself was bright, clean and very welcoming. As you walk in there is a little table with two chairs and to the right of that is the treatment bed. As you can see from the pictures it’s beautiful and so cosy.

Before my treatment I was asked to complete a form, this included if I was on any medication or if I had any health problems. I explained my illness and medications and after that, I was ready for my treatment. (I have Crohns Disease).

For my treatment, Marta chose Microdermabrasion which I had never had before but I’d heard amazing things about it. Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that uses fine crystals and a vacuum to remove dead skin cells. It can be used on the face, neck, chest, back and hands. The aim is to reduce fine lines, minor scars, wrinkles and age spots, and make the skin smoother and younger-looking.

The one thing I loved about the treatment was that I was given a fluffy blanket to lay under which was just dreamy. The actual treatment itself was extremely relaxing and it did feel a little strange to start off with but after a few minutes, I got used to it. Straight after the treatment, a mask was applied to my face for around 10 minutes. During that time Marta went through aftercare and what to look out for reaction wise.

Now let me tell you. Immediately after this treatment, my skin was GLOWING! It honestly looked amazing. I was so happy. Even Marta kept telling me how amazing it looked! The following day when I woke up and washed my face the first thing I noticed was how amazing my skin felt. It was so soft and still GLOWING. My makeup that day applied so much better than it normally did.

For anyone thinking about trying Microdermabrasion go for it if you can. It’s amazing and it’s something you can have done every 6-8 weeks. Honestly, I was such a relaxing and amazing treatment. Go on girls, treat yourself.

To book in with Marta please contact her on Facebook or Instagram.

Check out my next post for a Q & A with Marta.

Laura x

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