Mal Paper: Daily Goal Setter Review*

For as long as I can remember I have loved stationery – pens, notebooks, diaries, desk pads, EVERYTHING! I was recently contacted by Mal Paper and they asked me if I would like to review their ‘Daily Goal Setter’ planner, I said yes (of course!)

The Daily Goal Setter is a gratitude journal and a productivity planner rolled into one. The planner is said to help make your goals clearer and help you to become more productive and it has been designed to help identify your goals and structure your days, weeks and months. This is something I definitely need help with as I am so unorganised.

At the start of the planner, Mal Paper has put in cheat sheets to help you get started. The cheat sheets tell you how to set goals and make them S.M.A.R.T. it also sets them out into routines, morning evening and weekly which is very helpful.

The goal section is great you can write down your long-term, medium-term and short-term goals. I like the way they have set this up into 3 different sections as I personally think I will find it easier to set goals this way.

The planner also contains a monthly review which I think is really useful and I can write down all my hospital appointments, events and important dates. At the bottom, there is also a section where you can write your most important tasks of the month and a rating section so you can review your month out of 10.

The planner also contains weekly and daily reviews sections. Each of the weekly sections has enough space for you to write down everything you want/need to do in that week, again it has a rating so you can review your week out of 10. The daily sections have space write about the 3 things to be grateful for, daily affirmations and today’s task/notes. Of course, you get to rate your day out of 10.

Towards the back of the planner, there is a section for making notes which will come in very handy. Anything that I need to write down that doesn’t need to go into the other sections I will put here. There is also a yearly calendar which is great!

Now onto the look of the planner. I chose the pink one and it has 256 and this should last you around 6 months which is great. There are 2 ribbon dividers and at the very back is a small pocket. Throughout the planner, there are also really nice quotes which I love! I’m addicted to reading and sharing quotes. The planner will cost you £20.95 which is a little pricey for a planner but you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the design and layout. It also feels like such good quality and I can tell it isn’t going to fall apart.

What do you think of the look of this planner? Will you be making a purchase.

Laura x

*I was kindly sent this planner free of charge in exchange for my honest review, all thoughts are my own*

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  • Reply iHanna

    Oh it looks very nice indeed! I am a pen and notebbok lover too! 🙂

    August 26, 2019 at 11:56 am
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