Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Magic Star Concealer & Powder

FINALLY they’ve launched! Ever since I found out that Jeffree Star was bringing out concealer and powder I was excited. He’s so critical of products and really tells you how it is and I trust his opinion on products. I new straight away that he wouldn’t launch products that were rubbish and that they were going to be good.

Unfortunately Jeffree had to deal with a huge theft in his business and he had one of his warehouses broken into and he was only left with a handful of the concealer in the shade C5. Due to this and images circulating online and the stolen shade appearing on the black market he had to bring the launch forward. Which sucks for him massively, I just hope they manage to find out who did this.

I’m a huge fan of Jeffree Star Cosmetics and I own and love a lot of his products. His liquid lips are some of the best around and the shade range is to die for. I knew it wasn’t going to be long before he added base products to his range.

First up let’s talk about the Magic Star Concealer

The range consists of 30 shades and 2 colour correctors with many more shades due to be added. He has gone from light to dark and has covered at lot of different undertones which I think is great. The Concealer is priced at £21 and it contains 3.5ml of product, which isn’t a lot! Since I have been using it though I have noticed a little really does go a long way.

The texture of the concealer is very lightweight and it doesn’t dry down to be completely matte which I personally think is perfect for under the eyes. I cannot stand a super matte concealer.

I have been using the concealer in the shade C1 for nearly two weeks now and I’m happy to say that I have fallen in love with it. The formula and shade works really well on me. I use it both under the eyes and on my face and I’ve not had any problems. It even makes my under-eyes look bright which never happens because I’m so pale. It lasts all day on the skin and doesn’t crease on me or crack throughout the day which some full coverage concealers can do. I haven’t used or wanted to use another concealer since I got this one and I’m so happy I’ve found a concealer which is light enough for me!

I also bloody love the packaging I was worried it would feel and look quite cheap but just from holding it you can tell how well it’s been made. It is quite big and bulky due to the packaging but I don’t mind that as it isn’t something I carry around in my bag all day.

If you’re unsure of what shade you may need I’ve put a list below with all the shade names and undertones.

C0 – Pure White

C1 – very light skin with rose undertones

C2 – fair skin with neutral undertone

C3 – light skin with vanilla beige undertones

C4 – light skin with rose undertones

C5 – light skin with neutral undertones

C6 – light skin with olive undertones

C7 – light to medium skin with neutral undertones

C8 – light to medium skin with olive undertones

C9 – medium skin with warm peach undertones

C10 – medium skin with olive undertones

C11 – medium skin with rose undertones

C12 – medium skin with peach undertones

C13 – medium skin with neutral undertones

C14 – medium skin with yellow undertones

C15 – tan skin with golden olive undertones

C16 – tan skin with warm neutral undertones

C17 – tan skin with rose undertones

C18 – tan skin with neutral undertones

C19 – medium-deep skin with golden undertones

C20 – medium-deep skin with warm olive undertones

C21 – medium-deep skin with golden yellow undertones

C22 – deep skin with golden orange undertones

C23 – deep skin with rose undertones

C24 – deep skin with warm neutral undertones

C25 – deep skin with neutral undertones

C26 – deep skin with olive undertones

C27 – very deep skin with rose undertones

C28 – very deep skin with neutral undertones

C29 – very deep skin with golden rose undertones

C30 – very deep skin with golden undertones

Peach – neutralize dark under eye circles, dark spots, and acne scars

Green – neutralize redness of the skin

Now let’s move on to the Magic Star setting powder.

The powder range consists of 8 shades which is bloody good for a powder. Normally there is only 1 or 2 shades. The powder retails for £21 also. I don’t know why but I was expecting it to be more than the concealer but I’m glad they have been priced the same.

When using this powder the first thing you will notice is the cotton candy scent, don’t worry it’s not too strong and goes away once you buff the powder in. I have sensitive skin and the fragrance hasn’t irritated me at all. The powder is weightless and it makes my skin look perfect. I use it under the eyes and on my face, usually I use 2 separate powders. I have to say this is the first loose powder I have used which doesn’t leave my face looking dry and flat. It still leaves me with a nice glow which I appreciate. For anyone wondering I have been using the translucent one and I would quite like to try fair or rose.

The packaging on the powder is also well made which is great and it also has an open and close option over the powder holes which is great. I hate when loose powders don’t have this and then if you accidentally turn the powder upside down it goes everywhere the next time you open it.

As with the concealers I have put a list of the shades below.









Im so happy that I was lucky enough to get my hands on both of the products. Now that I’ve seen how good these are I honestly can’t wait for the day Jeffree Star launches foundations – it will be EPIC.

Laura x


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  • Reply Hannah

    I really want to try this concealer! I just don’t know what shade to go for haha! The formula sounds fab xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    May 3, 2019 at 8:54 pm
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