NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer

My first pot concealer love was the Glossier stretch concealer. I always thought I was a strictly liquid concealer until Glossier came along. After I tried the stretch concealer and realised how much I loved it I really wanted to try the NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer.


Let’s start off by talking about how adorable the packaging is. It’s just so small and cute and I love it. The soft touch lid does get super grubby though! I don’t mind the concealer being in a pot but I know this type of packaging isn’t to everyone’s tastes.


The coverage on this baby is incredible. I’m quite lucky and only get the odd blemish every now and again but when I do get one I’ve been using this concealer to cover them up. Boy, does this cover! Not only does it cover the spot up but it evens out my skin tone as well so the skin around it doesn’t look so angry. Not only does this work well on blemishes is also perfect for using under the eyes. It evens everything out and makes my under eyes look flawless without looking flat.


The texture of this is very creamy and almost velvet like. It doesn’t dry out my skin which I was worried it was going to do as it’s marketed as a matte concealer. It also blends out like a dream. I also find that a little goes a long way so I’m not using too much product which is great.

Shade Range

With this being from NARS the shade range is pretty good there are 16 to choose from and I use the lightest which is Chantilly and it’s actually light enough for me! YAY.

The concealer is £24 and you can pick it up from NARS counters or the NARS website.

Have you tried this concealer? What did you think of it?

Laura x

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