BeGlow Tia – the newest cleansing device!

Let’s be honest I’m 26 years old and I do not take care of my skin very well. I find the old skincare routine a chore and boring, I needed something that was going to make me excited!

I was very kindly sent the BeGlow Tia which is the newest sonic-cleansing device on the market. It’s not just your standard cleansing device and I was so intrigued when I saw it online that I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to give it a go.

As I said before I’m terrible with my skincare and I’m lazy. I have tried another cleansing device before (one of the brush ones) and I didn’t like it! It felt a little too rough on my face and there was something about the bristles on my face which I wasn’t keen on from a hygiene point of view.

The BeGlow Tia has a silicone brush head which you can replace – HELLO hygiene! The ‘bristles’ I guess you would call them that are super soft and really gentle on my skin. These combined with the sonic technology really do help remove all the crap out of your skin and most importantly for me removes any dead skin, leaving mine ultra smooth.

Because I’m lazy I didn’t want to add anything to my ‘routine’ that was going to add too much time. The BeGlow Tia adds an extra 2 minutes a day for cleansing which is nothing.

Main Features

  • All-in-one sonic beauty device
  • Cleansing, lifting, toning
  • Gentle SkinSense technology
  • Anti-ageing titanium applicator
  • Dual-pulse technology
  • 100% waterproof
  • A full charge lasts up to six months
  • Replaceable silicone brush head

The cleansing mode on the Tia has a lower frequency which means it’s a lot more gentle than other devices on the market, meaning it’s safe to use twice a day. The device also using SkinSense technology which means that the devices sonic frequency adapts to your face, how amazing and clever is that.

The Tia has a titanium plate which can be used to de-puff, soothe and help work skincare products into the skin. This does feel amazing and I really enjoy using it to massage my serums into my skin. The pulsations will help boost the circulation too! It also has a mode which is suitable for toning your ‘double chin’ – HALLELUJAH. All you have to do is turn the device upside down, place it under the chin and along the jawline, the device does all the work for you. I obviously haven’t seen any results already, but I have high hopes!

Overall I really like the Tia and I will continue using it as part of my routine. It is really gentle on my skin and does leave my skin feeling cleaner than just using a face wash and a flannel. The battery is really good as well, apparently, it can last up to 6 months!  The price may seem a little steep at £199 but other cleansing devices are a similar price point or much more expensive and they don’t have as many functions.

You can purchase the Tia from Lookfantasic, it’s available in 3 colours, Black, White and Pink.

*This product was kindly sent to me. I have not been paid for this post*

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