First Impressions: Glossier Solution

Glossier has recently launched a new product into their skincare range. I saw a few hints on the Glossier social media pages but I have to be honest I didn’t read too much into the product or do any research prior to purchasing it.

The packaging on this is just beautiful. I decided at the start of 2018 that pink was going to be my colour of the year so this fits in with my new pink lifestyle perfectly. The packaging is easy to use, you just pop on of the glossier cotton rounds on top and I press down twice and voila the cotton round is covered in the right amount of solution.

The glossier solution is a blend of acids which is said to treat clogged pores, acne, redness, uneven skin tones and texture. The products itself is a 10% AHA/BHA/PHA formula – honestly, I have no idea what that means but it sounds fancy and if it works wonders on my skin I’m game.

Lactic Acid -AHA that visibly reduces blemishes and dark spots.

Glycolic Acid -Brightening AHA that breaks water bonds attaching dead cells to skin, improving tone and texture.

Salicylic Acid -0.5% BHA that unclogs pores by breaking oil bonds attaching dead cells to skin.

Gluconolactone -PHA that exfoliates while moisturizing and conditioning.

Anti-Stress Complex -Ultra-soothing aloe, hydrating glycerin, and calming niacinamide make Solution extra gentle.

I have tried a few acid type products on my skin but I find them to burn so I have to stop using them, some people like the burn but I am not a fan and I don’t like manual exfoliators because the little beads freak me out. I’ve been using the solution for nearly a week and my first impressions are fab. I’ve been using it every night before bed. I’ve been soaking the little cotton rounds and then wiping over my face. The morning after the first night I used it my skin felt AMAZING! It was so soft and felt so smooth. I’m quite lucky and I have pretty good skin but I have a few things I would like to change. One thing I struggle with is random dry patches so I’m hoping over time this will help get rid of these and overall improve my skin.

My overall first impressions of the solution are really good and I’m really impressed. My skin feels a lot smoother and I haven’t have any breakouts, fingers crossed it stays this way. I’ve also found the product to be gentle and not cause any irritation to my skin.

You can purchase this from the Glossier site for £19 and the cotton rounds are £4. Glossier solution is also Cruelty Free.

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