Mad Beauty Review*

These are possibly the cutest products I have EVER seen. The packaging is to die for and for a Disney fan like me these are a dream come true.

Karen from Mad Beauty kindly sent me and email asking if I would like to try some products and I jumped at the chance. She kindly gifted me 2 products; the bath salts and the hand cream. I’ve given both a go and I thought I would share my thoughts.

Disney Belle’s Hand Cream £6.99

Beauty and the Beast is probably my favourite Disney film. I love it and I have such fond memories of watching it as a child. Everyone knows about the rose under the glass and how beautiful it is. When I received this through the post a squealed. It is beautiful and the packing is just stunning and so well made. The fact that the little pot of hand cream sits under its own glass melts my heart a little. The packaging of the actual hand cream is very weighty and well made and looks great on my nightstand. For me this isn’t one I would carry out every day with me just because it is a bit bulky but I’m happy for it to stay at home for me to use at night. The cream as you would expect smells of roses but it’s not that overpowering rose smell. It’s very subtle which I prefer. It melts into my hands and leaves them feeling lovely and soft. It isn’t the best hand cream I have ever used but I would definitely repurchase just for the novelty factor.

Disney Bambi Bath Soak £3.99

I’m a bath girl rather than a shower girl. I just don’t enjoy having a shower and would much rather have a long soak in the bath and just chill out, also I’m just too lazy to stand up. Bambi for me as a child used to terrify me because of the Stag/Dad. I don’t know why but I just remember being scared. Obviously I still like the film and love the characters I just have strange memories of it. I’m only not the biggest fan of bath salts and I’ve found that with ones I have used in the past do not dissolve and just leave me with bits of bath soak stuck to me and it just isn’t pleasant. Unfortunately I didn’t have high hopes for these but I was pleasantly surprised when I did actually use them. They smell amazing and they actually dissolve into the bath! Hallelujah! I definitely think I will pick these up again in the future.

I’m looking at ordering some bits as Christmas presents and I’ve got my eye on some of the Winnie The Pooh collection because he is my favourite.

Have you tried Mad Beauty?


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  • Reply Yasmin

    I got both of these for Christmas from different people! The packaging on the Beauty & the beast hand cream is just amazing! x

    Yasmin x
    The Sweet Seven Five

    February 1, 2018 at 6:09 pm
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