REVIEW: Oyster Brightening Eye Serum

Before I was never really into eye skincare. I used the occasional eye cream but normally I would just rub my face cream into my eyes (not literally in my eyes, that would hurt ALOT). I didn’t really see the point and I hadn’t found a product that made me want to use it every day.


Until now! Recently I was sent the Oyster Brightening Eye Serum to try out. I have previously loved face serums but I have never used an eye serum, so I was pretty excited to try this one. I have been using this for nearly 2 weeks now and I’m in love. This eye serum contains some pretty good ingredients; Hyaluronic Acid, wrinkle-reducing Pentapeptides, anti-ageing COQ10, Cafeisilane for puffiness and Niacinamide for dark circles. These are all blended together with antioxidant Green Tea and Raspberry extracts and soothing Cornflower.


This eye serum is so soothing and it has helped my morning eye puffiness which is amazing. My skin around my eyes feels a lot smoother. The product is supposed to help brighten and tone the skin around the eyes. I don’t think I have been using it long enough to see these benefits but I have no doubt that this is true. The smell of this product is amazing. It contains lavender, grapefruit and mandarin oil. Oyster recommend that you put a small droplet onto your middle finger, break the droplet with another finger, cup your hands and inhale the aroma. I have done this a few times especially at night and it is a great bonus to an eye serum. I apply this under each eye and on the brow bone twice a day. I’m so happy I got the chance to try this. I can see this product being one that stays with me for a long time.

This eye serum is £20 for 30ml, as you only need tiny bit I can see this lasting ages and I think it is definitely worth the money.


There is one of these up for grabs just click this link Good luck! x


Laura x

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  • Reply Rhiannon Pulling

    Sounds like a fab product! I’ve been on the hunt for a good eye cream for a while now x

    Everything But The Kitchen

    March 30, 2017 at 6:37 am
    • Reply hellolaurax

      I love it! xx

      April 9, 2017 at 6:43 pm
  • Reply Vanessa

    Ive never used serum but I currently use an eyecream 🙂 really does make the difference!

    April 11, 2017 at 5:27 pm
    • Reply hellolaurax

      You should definitely try out a serum! x

      April 12, 2017 at 6:57 pm
  • Reply Lucy Cole

    Sounds so fab! I really think I neglect my eye area in my skincare routine. xx

    Lucy |

    August 6, 2017 at 8:08 am
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