How I feel about Sanitary Owl

Ok periods are a very taboo subject and not many people like to talk about them or hear about them, but lets face it they happen and they are real! Like any girl I hate buying tampons or towels, it just seems really awkward and embarrassing. Sanitary Owl is a monthly subscription box which delivers all the things you need for the time of the month (in a very subtle box, big thing for me as all my parcels get delivered to work).  Sanitary Owl lets you pick you items, and date then voila the box comes straight you, no shopping trip required.

The main thing I really liked about Sanitary Owl is how much variety there is on the site. There honestly is something for everyone. Sanitary Owl sent me the starter pack which has a bit of everything in the box, including my absolute fav Fab Little Bag! I think this box would be perfect for a young girl who has just started her period and is trying to get to grips with everything! If this was an option when I started my period I definitely would have asked my mum for it.
You can purchase your box here  for £3.99 per month. They also have the cool option to add extras like chocolate! PERFECT.
Laura x



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