My New Favourite Body Product?!

As a ridiculously pale person I’m scared of fake tan. Most tans tend to make me bright orange. Therefore I tend to stay away. Buttttt I recently have been feeling a bit down about how pasty I am. I popped into my local supermarket and saw that the Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived was on offer for £3.50 I believe this is normally £6.99?!
Essentially this is a body lotion with self tanner in. I have only ever used one other gradual tanner which is the Garnier one which was ok but I wasn’t 100% happy with it. The Dove one gave me such a natural glow it wasn’t all that noticeable but it made me look healthy and not ill looking. It also didn’t go patchy anywhere which I thought it would. I was also expecting it to be very sticky and take ages to sink in but I could get dressed pretty much straight away.
I’m excited to see how this fades but I’m definitely going to continue using this!

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