New Summer Fragrance

I recently picked up what I would call my summer fragrance. I was in Superdrug and sprayed a little bit of this perfume, didn’t really smell it and left. The whole time I was wandering in and out of shops all I could smell was this perfume! I went back and picked one up.

The perfume in question is Nicki Minaj – Minajesty. The first thing you will notice is the crazy bottle design which is one of my favourite things. Pink is my favourite colour and I’m also sporting pink dip-dye so I instantly fell in love with this bottle. The perfume itself is so fruity and light but stays around on my skin all day. It’s perfect for summer and it’s one that I can actually smell on myself which is rare.
I was lucky enough to get this when it was half price for £20 but I would happily pay full price for it.
Let me know if you have tried this perfume! 
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